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Read About Popular Marathi Authors & Writers

I know the question is too comprehensive for the scope but I will limit myself to few. There are many Marathi authors who have transformed the art of story-telling in the Marathi literary landscape. Here is the partial list of my favourite with no particular order, they are extremely popular authors and their work is widely read.

Even with my short experience with Marathi literature, I could harmlessly say that each one of the following authors has been one-of-its-kind and stands unprecedented. Who knows, one of these authors might become your new favourite.

Popular Marathi Authors/Writers


P.L Deshpande (Purushottam Laxman Deshpande)

Born: 8 November 1919, Mumbai

Died: 12 June 2000, Pune


Pu La Deshpande was most outstanding for his works as a humorist. Nonetheless, he was a productive author in all kinds and created various unique fills in and also adaptations of works from different dialects into Marathi.  He went on to earn fame as author, screenplay writer, actor, director, music director and singer. During his continuance, he also participated in several humanitarian activities.


P. L. Deshpande Notable Work

Vyakti Aani Valli, Asa Mi Asami, Batatyachi Chaal, Apoorvai, Purvrang, Hasawanuk, Ganagot, more


Ranjit Desai (Ranjit Ramchandra Desai)

Born: 8 April 1928, Kolhapur

Died: 6 March 1992, Mumbai


Ranjit Desai was a renowned author connected with Marathi writing, he began composing while he was in school. Known as an author, historical books "Swami" and "Shriman Yogi" are his praised works. For his remarkable commitment to Marathi writing and his work - Swami, the government of India regarded him with Padma Shri in 1973.


Ranjit Desai Notable Work

Shriman Yogi, Swami, Radheya, Pavankhind, Raja Ravi Varma, Gandhali, more


Shivaji Sawant 

Born: 31 August 1940, Kolhapur

Died: 18 September 2002, Goa


Shivaji Sawant was born in a farmer family of Aajra town in Kolhapur, After completing his studies he functioned as a teacher for 20 years and afterwards as an editor in the monthly magazine Lokshikshan. He was a famous author in Marathi. After broad research, he composed a book Mrityunjay in the prospect of Karna, one of the main characters of the epic Mahabharat. He is known as Mrityunjaykar (which means Maker of Mrityunjay) for composing the acclaimed Marathi novel Mrityunjay.


Shivaji Sawant Notable Work

Mrityunjay, Chhava, Yugandhar, Kavadase, Kanchan Kan, more


Vishwas Patil

Born: 28 November 1959, Kolhapur District


Vishwas Patil is a Prominent Author in Marathi. He completed his masters M.A. in English Literature and a degree in Law. He is a brilliant director in Bollywood movies and also has a good reputation in Hindi Cinema. He has won many awards for his several novels such as Panipat, Zadazadati


Vishwas Patil Notable Work

Panipat, Sambhaji, Ranangan, Chandramukhi, Not gone with the wind, Pangira, Mahanayak, Zadazadati, more


Vijay Tendulkar

Born: 6 January 1928, Kolhapur

Died: 19 May 2008, Pune


Vijay Tendulkar was a main Indian author, motion picture and TV author, political writer, and social commentator fundamentally in Marathi. He is best known for his plays Shantata! Court Chalu Aahe, Ghashiram Kotwal, and Sakharam Binder. Several of his plays have proven to be Marathi theatre masterpieces. His plays have been interpreted and performed in many Indian languages. He got the Padma Bhushan grant from the Government of India for his artistic achievements.


Vijay Tendulkar Notable Work

Silence! The Court Is in Session, Ghashiram Kotwal, The Churning, Five Plays, more


V. P. Kale (Vasant Purushottam Kale) 

Born: 25 March 1932, Maharashtra

Died: 26 June 2001


Vasant Purushottam Kale, prominently known as Va Pu, was Marathi essayist who composed short stories, books, and true to life portrays. V.P. Kale was an architect by profession, he wrote more than 60 books. His outstanding books incorporate Partner, Vapurza, Hi Waat Ekatichi, and Thikri.


V. P. Kale Notable Work

Partner, Hi Vat Ekatichi, Vapurza, Aapan Sare Arjun, more


Bhalchandra Nemade

Born: 27 May 1938, Sangvi


Bhalchandra Vanaji Nemade is a Marathi writer from Sangavi, Maharashtra. He is popular for his books Hindu and Kosala. He is a receiver of the non-military personnel respect of Padma Shri in 2011 and the Jnanpith Award, the most astounding artistic respect in India in 2015. Nemade's contributions to the literary form of the novel are unmatched.


Bhalchandra Nemade Notable Work

Kosala, Bidhar, Jarila, Nativism, Hool, Hindu, more



Born: 27 February 1912, Pune

Died: 10 March 1999, Nashik


He was born in Pune as Gajanan Ranganath Shirwadkar. Upon being adopted, his named was changed to Vishnu Vaman Shirwadkar. Vishnu Shirwadkar, prevalently known by his pen name, Kusumagraj, was a famous Marathi artist, dramatist, author, short story essayist, aside from being a humanist. He was a poet and writer par excellence. Shirwadkar was also an active participator in the Samyukta Maharashtra Movement.


Kusumagraj Notable Work

Natsamrat, Vishakha, The Saint in the Cellar: Selected Poems, Muktayan, more


G. N. Dandekar (Gopal Nilkanth Dandekar)

Born: 8 July 1916, Amravati district

Died: 1 June 1998


He grew up in Vidarbha but ran away from his home in Nagpur at age thirteen to support Mahatma Gandhi's campaign for India's action of freedom from the British Raj. After spending a few years in excessive debt, he found some stability with a few supporters. In 1976, Dandekar earned a Sahitya Akademi Honor for his autobiographical work Smaran Gatha.


G. N. Dandekar Notable Work

Smaran Gatha, Shitu, Padaghavli, Kuna Ekachi Bhramangatha, more


Vishnu Sakharam Khandekar

Born: 11 January 1898, Sangli

Died: 2 September 1976


He was the first Marathi litterateur to win prestigious Jnanpith Award, for his novel Yayati. In his early life, he was interested in acting in films and staged various plays in his school days. He worked as a school teacher in a small town. While working as an instructor, In his spare time khandekar produced abundant Marathi literature in various forms.


Vishnu Sakharam Khandekar Notable Work

Yayati: A Classic Tale of Lust, Amrutvel, Kraunchvadh, Ashru, more


Achyut Godbole

Born: 15 August 1950, Solapur


Godbole is notable for his works in Marathi and English. He is a productive writer in all sorts and created various original works as well as adaptations of works from different dialects into Marathi. His written work style is informative but much informal. This empowers his readers to appreciate the way to understand learning on differing subjects.


Achyut Godbole Notable Work

Musafir, Kimayagar, Boardroom, Steve Jobs (Biography), more


G. A. Kulkarni

Born: 10 July 1923, Karnataka

Died: 11 December 1987, Pune


He is one of the few creators in Marathi who composed both kids' stories and philosophical stories suited for adults. He handles both of the class with the same master. GA, who acquired new quality and essentialness to the Marathi short story, is truly the most recognised example of that kind. He was regarded in 1973 with a Sahitya Akademi Award for his gathering of short stories Kajalmaya.


G. A. Kulkarni Notable Work

Kajalmaya, Pingalavel, Hirave Rave, Raktachandan, more


Vyankatesh Madgulkar

Born: 6 July 1927, Madgule

Died: 28 August 2001


Vyankatesh Digambar Madgulkar was famous amongst the most famous Marathi writers of his time. He turned out to be outstanding for his practical compositions about town life in a part of southern Maharashtra called Maandesh. He made an interpretation of some English books into Marathi, particularly books on wildlife, as he was an avid hunter. This proposed his name to "Colonel Bahadur". In 1983 Madgulkar got Sahitya Akademi Award for his novel Sattantar.


Vyankatesh Madgulkar Notable Work

Bangarwadi, Maandeshi Manse, Karunashtak, Sattantar & More


Vinda Karandikar

Born: 23 August 1918, Devgad taluka

Died: 14 March 2010, Mumbai


Govind Vinayak Karandika, also called as Vinda Karandikar, was an outstanding Marathi artist, author, scholarly commentator, and interpreter. He was given the 39th Jnanpith Award in 2003, which is the most elevated literary honour in India. He also interpreted his own poems in English, which were published as Vinda Poems.  He also translated Poetics of Aristotle and King Lear of Shakespeare in Marathi.


Vinda Karandikar Notable Work

Jatak, Virupika, Dhrupad, Mrudgandha, more


Pralhad Keshav Atre

Born: 13 August 1898, Saswad

Died: 13 June 1969, Mumbai


Prahlad Keshav Atre, popularly known as Acharya Atre, was an extraordinary and multi-faceted Indian figure. He was a prominent Marathi writer, an educationist, a political leader, a newspaper founder, a poet, a movie producer-director-script writer. Atre's two autobiographical works, Mi Kasa Jhalo and Karheche Pani, then gained much public recognition. His Marathi cinema, Shyamchi Aai won the 1954 National Film Award for Favorite Feature Film.


Acharya Atre Notable Work

Karhece pani: Atmacaritra, Moruchi Mavshi, more


However, many of the great authors are still left and we can't notify everyone as this list will never be done. So if there were one list of absolute must-read authors, what would you put on it? 

Please comment who is your favourite author if he or she isn't here.

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