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Tips for mpsc preparation
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How To Prepare For MPSC Exam - Useful Tips


Thinking about how to prepare for MPSC exams?

Competitive exams are around the corner and we know you are doing your best to crack these exams. Every year, a number of candidates aim to prepare and attempt for these competitive exams. There are few major details which one should know to successfully crack these exams. Sometimes cracking this competitive exam not only require hard work but the right approach to preparation and guidance.


To get selected for Maharashtra Public Service Commission, applicants must clear the three most primary sections which are as follows:

MPSC Preliminary Exam

MPSC Main Exam



However, here are few tips that are shared to reduce your stress and make your preparation process smooth. These are few things you must keep in mind.


1. Read The Exam Guidelines Thoroughly.

The Exam announcement contains information relevant to the exam so go through it completely. Guidelines related to important dates, eligibility criteria, vacancies and updated syllabus for the exam.


2. Follow Exam Pattern

Read instructions carefully about the exam pattern, topics, marking scheme and no. of questions. Once you are able to understand the pattern you can largely focus on main topics to score more marks. 


3. Start From Basics

It is advised to begin your preparation from basics as there are a number of questions that can be solved if you are familiar with fundamental concepts of the topics.


4. Time Management

Once you are done with the understanding of exam pattern, Next step you have to do is divide your whole course into small modules so that you don’t lose pace in your preparation. Achieve your targets & prepare optimally by setting up a finishing date on your calendar.


5. Coaching & Study Material

As a number of candidates are growing exponentially every year and competition becoming harder, joining a reputed coaching centre can improve your preparation in areas where you lack. Also choosing best study material and reference book can be a tough task for preparation. We refer to cart91 which primarily focuses on mpsc entrance exam books & study material.


6.  Speed & Accuracy

Every second count and you have to make the best use of it. The mantra for this is only practice and practice, one can see the change in his speed in less amount of time. This will also help in boosting your confidence.


7. Revision Strategy

We all know the importance of revision. You should revise previously studied topic on regular basis and make changes to your study plans accordingly.


8.  Mock Test & Previous Year Papers

Refer to previous years questions it provides clear ideas about questions and exam pattern. Test your preparation by taking a mock test, it will help you to analyse your weak points and areas where you should focus.


9. Dedication 

This type of exam require months of preparations and while preparing for your exam sometimes you might feel low and get negative thoughts at some point in time, which should not affect your mind. Don't let it destroy your belief.


However, these tactics would work simply if you are working to execute it. You may now need to change the way you were teaching yourself. Leave your comfort zone and prepare yourself thoroughly for these exams. Constant and sincere efforts collectively may take a lesser amount of time to be completely prepared for this exam. 


So how are you planning for your exams? Share your opinion in the comment section. If you think we are missing something, then give us your recommendation.

Everybody knows you are the qualified student out there. All you need to do is work hard and revise. Good luck.

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Posted on . Posted in MPSC Preparation. Tagged Entrance Exam, MPSC Preparation, MPSC Exam, Exam Tips.


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