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Top 11 Current Affairs And Chalu Ghadamodi Books

What goes on in the world gets printed in papers and books as current affairs and in the state of Maharashtra as ‘Chalu Ghadamodi’. Current affairs is a genre of broadcast journalism and emphasise on the detailed analysis and discussions of news stories that have recently occurred or are going on at the time of the broadcast. These books discuss and entertain the current affairs that are going on as we speak of and are called chalu ghadamodi in Marathi.

In this article, we will mention the top 11 Competitive  Books that are out in the market.



This thoroughly updated 3rd version of the book Current Affairs 2018 captures the most important events, issues, ideas and people of 2017 in a very lucid and student-friendly manner. Its an essential for aspirants to know about and keep themselves updated as this can get them more marks in the exam. Moreover, these Current Affairs prove to be a very important tool to handle GD (Group Discussions) and PI (Personal Interviews). This book is very handy for aspirants of UPSC, SSC, Banking, Insurance, Railways, Engineering Services and AFCAT, etc.


This book is the bundle deal for cracking the IAS exams. With many graphs, charts and minimaps, it's an informative book to get you prepared for the IAS examinations. The Volume 1 is specially drafted so that you can learn in an enriching way and its real student friendly. The information provided is also in line with the analysis of previous year’s examination papers and helps the student keep updated and tabbed on the current happenings of the world.


This book is written in Marathi. It is a very important general knowledge and current affair book for preparing for exams and contests as well. This book will prepare you all for the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) and the MPSC (Maharashtra Public Service Commission) examinations held in November 2018. The author Rajesh Bharate is a Maharashtrian and published this under the Shri Sai Publications last year. Buy it off our website Cart 91 now.


This book is also written in Marathi and is rich in knowledge about the current affairs online. This book is by Prof. Idris Pathan and the Ank (i.e. Volume) 5 is a great one for preparing one for the Civil Services examination. As the title of the books goes, it firms your rank on the topper list as its proper and suitable explanations of the current affairs and other important general knowledge are covered in this above book. Published by Topper Publication.


Again for students preparing for the Civil Services Examination, highly rich in knowledge and information, this one is published by Law Guru Publication by Adv. Gajanan Choudhary. Great book for exams like SSC, Banking, CLAT, IBPS, UPSC, MPSC, RPSC, BPSC, UPPSC, States PSC, etc.


A newer volume than its subsequent ‘IAS Current Affairs Volume 1’, published by Kiran Prakashan. This IAS Current Affairs Book is a great winner in making students crack the IAS exams and scoring top marks to secure in the Indian Administrative Services. What more? They have Mock Test of the examination which gives you the overall idea of how the exam paper will e and what type of questions will be asked. Buy this book soon if you are preparing for the IAS.


This is again another Marathi book by Prof. Baliram Hawale and published under Sahyadri Prakashan. For Competitive Preparation & getting Easy Study Material for students sitting for the Indian administration examinations, this book will set a great example on you. It also entertains you with the chalu ghadamodi and more about all the current affairs happening around in our country today.

Others in the line include


By, Balaji Surne, Divya Mahale, this book is like notes off a diary about the current affairs running around in the world today. This one is the 8th edition of the book published by Simplified Publication. All the language used is in simplified words and put in layman terms which is easy to read and understand. Buy this one off and you will surely be enriched with the current happening going on about the world today.


This book has loads of information and knowledge about how the UPSC and the MPSC exams run. If you are preparing for any of the above, this book has a set of questions which you should be learned with and getting good scores in the exams will be an easy deal. Published by Prithvi Publication, this notebook gives a nice round of how the exam questions will be. Net Practice will be fulfilled and the student may appear for the exam confidently.


By, Mohammad Rizwan, this one has the whole deal on the current affairs of the world today and as the name suggests, is like a ready reckoner of the current affairs 2018. Published by ‘G. K. Publication’, it gets you prepared for the UPSC civil services examination, both preliminary as well as the mains.

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Posted on . Posted in Competitive Exam, MPSC Preparation, Marathi Literature, upsc. Tagged Books, Marathi Authors, Marathi Literature, Entrance Exam, MPSC Preparation, MPSC Exam, Exam Tips, Competitive Exam, upsc prelim exam, upsc.


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