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1. Atomic Structure
1.1 Introduction
1.2Bohr’s atomic model
1.3Radius and energy of bohr’s orbit
1.4Origin spectral lines (Rydberg’s Constant)
1.5Energy level diagram for hydrogen atom
1.6Quantization of energy and quantum numbers
1.7Sommerfield’s relativistic atom model
1.8The vector atom model
1.9The pauli exclusion principle
1.10Emission spectra of the sodium (Na) atom (Alkali Spectra)
2. Spectroscopy
2.1 Electromagnetic waves
2.2 Electromagnetic spectrum
2.3 Molecular spectra
2.4 Rotational spectra (Rigid Molecule)
2.5 Rotational spectra (Non Rigid Molecule)
2.6Vibrational spectra (Simple Harmonic Oscillator)
2.7Rotational–vibrational spectra
2.8IR spectroscopy
2.9IR spectrometer
2.10 Colourimetry
2.11Fluorescence spectroscopy
3. Radioactivity
3.1 Nucleus
3.2 Properties of nucleus
3.3 Classification of nuclei
3.4 Nuclear forces
3.5 Models of nuclear structure
3.6 Radioactivity
3.7 Nuclear radiations and their properties
3.8 Radioactive decay
3.9 Handling and standardization of alpha (a) and beta (b) emitting isotopes
3.10 Detectors of nuclear radiations (Measurement of Nuclear Radiations)
3.11 Production of radionuclides
3.12 Use of radioactive and stable isotopes as tracer atom.
3.13 Biological applications of radioactive isotopes
3.14 Radioimmunoassay method (RIA)
3.15 Biological effects of radiation
4. Thermodynamics as Applied to Biological Systems
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Energy
4.3 Concept of thermodynamics
4.4 The Laws of thermodynamics
4.5Limitations of entropy and concept of free energy
4.6Chemical potential
4.7Oxidation–reduction potential (Redox–Potential)
4.8Half cell potential
4.9Energy conversion in mitochondria and chloroplast
5. Cell Membrane
5.1 Organization of plasma membrane
5.2Membrane transport
5.3Nernst equation
5.4Passive electrical properties of cell
5.5Active electrical properties of cell
5.6Generation of action potential
5.7 Types of biopotentials and its measurement
6. Thermoregulation
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Thermal expansion methods
6.3 Thermoelectric effect instrument (Thermocouple Thermometer)
6.4 Varing resistance devices
6.5Body temperature and its regulation
7. Bio Instruments
7.1 pH meter
7.2 Centrifuge
7.3Mass Spectroscopy (MS)
7.4Atomic spectroscopy
7.5Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)
8. Microscopes
8.1 Resolving power (Concept)
8.2 Spherical and chromatic aberrations
8.3 Microscopes
8.4 Sample preparation

Academic Details

  • Phase Graduation

  • Stream Science

  • Branch Biotechnology

  • Standard/Year Firstyear

  • Medium English

  • Board/University Pune

  • Subject Biophysics And Instrumention


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