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General Laboratory Instruction
First Aid Treatment
1. Physical Chemistry
i. To determine the heat of combustion of Methyl/Ethyl alcohol.
ii. To determine the heat of solution of KNO3 in water.
iii. To determine the heat of neutralisation of strong acid and strong base.
iv. a. To determine the heat of reaction of displacement of copper by Iron.
b. To determine the heat of reaction of displacement of copper by Zinc.
v. Hydrolysis of salts [NH4Cl, CH3OONa, NaCl, (NH4)2CO3] and determination of pH by pH paper or Universal Indicator.
2. Inorganic Chemistry
Volumetric Analysis
i. To determine the normality and Kg dm–3 of NaOH and H2SO4 solution.
ii. To determine the normality and Kg dm–3 of HCl and Na2CO3 solution.
iii. To determine the normality and Kg dm–3 of KMNO4 and Ferrous Ammonium Sulphate (FeSO4 (NH4)2SO4, 6H2O) solution.
3. Inorganic Qualitative Analysis
Detection of Two Basic Radicals
Model Analysis for Basic Radicals
Detection of Two Acidic Radicals
Model Analysis for Acidic Radicals
4. Organic Chemistry
i. Determination Type/Nature.
ii. Determination Functional group.
iii. To determine the Melting Point/ Boiling Point of the organic substance.
List of Organic Compounds
5. Testing of food materials for adulteration.
6. Demonstration Experiments
i. Preparation of methyl salicylate.
ii. Preparation of Iodoform.
iii. Hydrolysis of methyl/ethyl acetate by acid.
7. Molecular and Equivalent Weights of Some Substances
List of Reagents and their Preparation
Tentative Scheme of Marking
Specimen Question Paper
Logarithmic Tables.

Academic Details

  • Phase Junior College

  • Stream Science

  • Standard/Year 12th

  • Medium English

  • Board/University Maharashtra State Board

  • Subject Chemistry


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