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About the book

1. Nature and Types of Companies
1.1 What is an act and what is a law?
1.2 Meaning and definition of joint stock company
1.3 Characteristics of joint stock company
1.4 Lifting the veil of incorporation
1.5 Distinction between partnership firm and joint stock company
1.6 Classification of companies
2. Formation of a Company
2.1 Procedure for formation of company
2.2 Promotion of a company
2.3 Incorporation
2.4 Capital subs stage
2.5 Commencement of business
2.6 Preliminary contracts and provisional contracts documents relating to formation of a company
2.7 Memorandum of association
2.8 Clauses of memorandum of association
2.9 The doctrine (Principle) of ultra-vires
2.10 Articles of association
2.11 Binding force of memorandum and articles of association
2.12 Doctrine of constructive notice
2.13 Doctrine of indoor of management
2.14 Prospectus
Registration of Prospectus (Sec.60)
2.15 Misstatement / Misrepresentation
3. Raising of Share Capital
3.2 Meaning and definition of share
3.3 Types of share capital
3.4 Issue of share capital
3.5 Procedure for issue of share capital
3.6 Calls and forfeiture of shares
3.7 Forfeiture of shares
3.8 Surrender of shares
3.9 Transfer of shares
3.10 Transmission of shares
3.11 Share certificates
3.12 Share warrant
3.13 Employees Stock Option Scheme (ESOPS)
3.14 Sweat equity shares
3.15 Buy-back of shares (Sec. 77, 77A, 77B)
4. E-Governance and E-Filing
4.1 Ministry of corporate affairs
4.2 Assistance at the facilitation centre
4.3 DIN (Directors Identification Requirements)
5. Company Management and Administration
5.1 Organisational set up of a company and administrative hierarchy
5.2 Director
5.3 Legal position of the director
5.4 Other legal provisions
5.5 Types of directors
5.6 Qualification and disqualifications of a managing director
5.7 Managerial remuneration
5.8 Whole time director
6. Company Meetings
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Meaning of meeting
6.3 Kinds of meetings
6.4 Minutes book
6.5 Methods of voting
6.6 Proxy (Sec.176)
6.7 Motion, amendments and point of order
6.8 Resolutions and kinds of resolutions
6.9 General body meetings
6.10 Board meeting
7. Majority Rule and Minority Protection
7.1 The principle of majority rule
7.2 Exception to the rule of supremacy of the majority of shareholders
7.3 Rights of minority shareholders
8. Compromise, Arrangement, Reconstruction and Amalgamation
8.1 Introduction
8.2 Compromise or arrangement
8.3 Reconstruction and amalgamation
9. Winding up
9.1 Winding up of a joint stock company
9.2 Modes of winding up
9.3 Compulsory winding up
9.4 Voluntary winding up
9.5 Members’ voluntary winding up
9.6 Creditors’ voluntary winding up
9.7 Powers of official liquidator
9.8 Duties of liquidator
9.9 Contributories

Academic Details

  • Phase Graduation

  • Stream Commerce

  • Standard/Year Secondyear

  • Medium English

  • Board/University Pune

  • Subject Elements Of Company Law


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