My Friends From the Jungle - Tiger

My Friends From the Jungle - Tiger

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About the book

  • India has rich flora and fauna since ancient times.
  • Our country was once known for its dense jungles.
  • And the uncrowned ruler of the jungle world was the tiger.
  • But after the british invasion, the poaching of tigers became rampant in India...
  • The future for tige remains more threatened than ever before.
  • Are we going to save it from the brink of extinction?
  • Vilas Gogate, a noted wildlife scientist has spent decades in the jungle studying tigerss and other wild animals.
  • In this book, he lucidly narrates a story of Champa, the majestic tigress.
  • The book also gives information about the tiger species, its origine, conservation of tigers and tiger reserves in India.