Chinar Publishers

Know more about Chinar Publishers: Chinar publications began its operations in 1990 with the aim to make the youth aware of the national matters and issues. You will find a great deal of inspirational Marathi books literature. It includes biographies and autobiographies of great men in the past and present. They also offer Competitive exam books for students. Famous Marathi writers like P. C. Alexander, Rashid Kidwai, Dr. Aruna Dhere are part of this publication. Check these inspirational books in Marathi Sardar Bhagatsingh, Rajtarangini, Dilipkumar, Bullet For Bullet, Black Friday, Train To Pakistan, Kashmirchi 5000 Varshe, Kargil, Bonding With Kashmir The Sarhad Story


Rs. 800 Rs. 640

Basaricha Badshaha

Rs. 350 Rs. 280

Bruhat Bharat

Rs. 450 Rs. 360


Rs. 300 Rs. 240


Rs. 400 Rs. 320


Rs. 400 Rs. 320

Netaji Subhash

Rs. 390 Rs. 312

Sardar Bhagatsingh

Rs. 105 Rs. 84