Continental Prakashan

Know more about continental Prakashan: This publication is established on the date of 1st June 1938. With keeping in mind tradition and progress they have published more than 2000 books. So many Marathi famous writers like Shivaji Sawant, V. V. Shirwadkar, D. M. Mirasdar, N S Inamdar, Sindhu Dange are part of this publication. Check these famous Marathi writers and their books collection here. continental Prakashan has won many national & international awards & certifications for their great contribution in Marathi book industry. Mrutunjay is a one of the best Marathi kadambari published by Continental Prakashan. Following are best Marathi novels & must read Marathi books: Mrutyunjay, Rau, Chhava, Yugandhar, Dehachiye Gunti, Bauddha Dharma Aani Tatvadnyan, Maharani Yesubai, Lapavalelya Kacha