Manovikas Prakashan

Know more about Manovikas Prakashan: Manovikas Prakashan is established in the year 1987 located at Pune Maharashtra. Famous Marathi writers and poets like Bal Phondake, Aanand Ghaisas, Rajesh Patil, Dr. Ashok Jadhav, Achut Godbole, Atul Kahate are part of this publications. Manovikas Prakashan published more than 1000 books based on different categories like Psychology, Science, Fiction, Health, Education, Anti-superstition books etc. They received many certifications & awards like 'उत्कृष्ट ग्रंथनिर्मितीचा पुरस्कार' with offering more than 30 years contribution in books industry. Check these best Marathi famous books published by Manovikas Prakashan: Salam Malala, Corporate Chanakya, Vinasayas Weight Loss, Tai Me Collector Vhayanu, Musafir, Sports Career, Bhangar, Sir Visvesvaraya