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The young lad who had once prayed to the lord that people use medicines from his family shop and recover, is today the chairman & managing director of Indoco Remedies Ltd., a five hundred crore pharmaceutical company. 'KARENAMA' is the story of Suresh Kare's struggle in transforming Indoco from a sick pharma company into a Universally known and professionally driven organization. The book comprises of short stories and incidents in Suresh's life that moulded his personality and made him the visionary that he is today. it talks of how a boy from a small town in goa, armed with his father's principles and mother's values, made it big in Mumbai.


  • या वस्तूबद्दल शेरा/अभिप्राय उपलब्ध नाही. अभिप्राय लिहिणारे सर्वप्रथम व्हा.
शिपिंग बद्दल माहिती
  • लागू असलेल्या ऑर्डरवर फ्री शिपिंगचा आनंद घ्या:
    • पुण्यामध्ये 3०० पेक्षा अधिक किमतीच्या खरेदीवर
    • महाराष्ट्रात 500 पेक्षा अधिक किमतीच्या खरेदीवर
    • भारतात 1000 पेक्षा जास्त किमतीच्या खरेदीवर
  • सामान्यतः 4-5 व्यावसायिक दिवसात डिलेव्हरी होते
  • कॅश ऑन डिलिव्हरी सेवा उपलब्ध
आपल्यासाठी विशेष ऑफर
  1. ऑनलाइन ऑर्डर्सवर विशेष ऑफर
  2. पुस्तके आणि स्टेशनरीवर उत्कृष्ट सवलत मिळवा