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  • या वस्तूबद्दल शेरा/अभिप्राय उपलब्ध नाही. अभिप्राय लिहिणारे सर्वप्रथम व्हा.


  • Autobiographybiography of first CM of Maharashtra Yashwantrao Chavan Quote :
  • "In the past forty years, including the ones of the Assembly, I have fought ten elections.
  • I have won all of them.
  • At times with a huge margin, at times, with a narrow one, sometimes amidst intense competition and at times unopposed.
  • Every election was a different experience, every time the political criteria were different, every time the political parties in opposition were different.
  • But there was no other election like the one in 1946, which was based on total consensus.
  • With the exception of this one and the Parliament Election of Nasik, all of them were stormy.
  • The rivals, at times, went all out to attack me and plumbed new depths of indecency and bitterness.
  • I was my own chief campaigner in all those elections.
  • I realized that my biggest strength was a friendly, cultured, principled and candid dialogue with the voters.
  • I remained undefeated in the entire storm with the blessings of the people and the support of my friends.
  • What more can one desire in the Other of a democracy?"