Web Technology

Web Technology

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शैक्षणिक माहिती

  • शैक्षणिक टप्पा पदवीधर

  • विद्याशाखा Computer Application

  • इयत्ता दुसरे वर्ष

  • सत्र Iv

  • माध्यम इंग्रजी

  • मंडळ/विद्यापीठ Solapur

  • विषय Web Technology


  • या वस्तूबद्दल शेरा/अभिप्राय उपलब्ध नाही. अभिप्राय लिहिणारे सर्वप्रथम व्हा.


1.Internet Technology Background12
1.2The evolution of the Internet 1961-20001-2
1.3Identify the Key Technology Concepts Behind the INTERNET1-3
1.4Other Internet Protocols and Utility Programs1-8
1.5Mail Protocols1-9
2.Designing Web site14
2.1World Wide Web (WWW)2-1
2.2Web Publishing2-6
2.3Markup Languages2-7
2.4Hyper Text Mark-up Language (HTML)2-11
2.5HTML Structure2-13
3.Introduction to HTML22
3.1Common HTML Tags3-1
3.2Text-Level Elements3-5
3.3Block-Level Elements3-9
3.4Physical and Logical HTML3-22
4.Advanced HTML36
4.1Linking Documents4-1
4.2Images and Links4-4
4.3Image Mapping4-11
4.6Form Development and Form Elements4-22
4.7Introduction to DHTML4-35

5.Introduction TO CSS14
5.1Style Sheet5-1
5.2Types of Style Sheet5-2
5.3Style Sheet Properties5-6
5.4Position with Style Sheet5-12
6.Java Script46
6.1Client Side Scripting6-1
6.2Server Side Scripting6-2
6.3Introduction to JavaScript6-2
6.4Data Types and Literals6-5
6.6Control Structures and Looping6-10
6.7User Defined Functions6-15
6.8Predefined Functions6-17
6.10Document Object Model (DOM)6-19
6.11DOM Objects6-20
6.12Window Object6-31
6.13Navigator Object6-33
6.14History Object6-34
6.15Location Object6-35
6.16Core Language Objects6-35
6.17Event Handling in JavaScript6-41
6.18Form objects and Validation on Forms6-44
7.VB Script30
7.2Data Types and Variables7-2
7.3Control Structures and Looping7-7
7.4Procedures in Scripts7-11
7.5Error Handling and Debugging7-23
7.6Client Side Web Scripting7-27
7.7Validating Forms7-29
7.8Document Object Model (DOM)7-30
1. Internet Technology Background
1.1 Introduction
1.2The evolution of the internet 1961-2000
1.3Identify the key technology concepts behind the internet
1.4 Other internet protocols and utility programs
1.5 Mail protocols
2. Designing Web Site
2.1 World wide web (WWW)
2.2Web publishing
2.3Markup languages
2.4Hyper text mark-up language (HTML)
2.5 HTML structure
3. Introduction to HTML
3.1 Common HTML tags
3.2Text-level elements
3.3 Block-level elements
3.4 Physical and logical HTML
4. Advanced HTML
4.1Linking documents
4.2Images and links
4.3Image mapping
4.6Form development and form elements
4.7Introduction to DHTML
5.Introduction TO CSS
5.1Style sheet
5.2Types of style sheet
5.3Style sheet properties
5.4Position with style sheet
6. Java Script
6.1Client side scripting
6.2 Server side scripting
6.3Introduction to JavaScript
6.4Data types and literals
6.5 Operators
6.6Control structures and looping
6.7User defined functions
6.8Predefined functions
6.9 Arrays
6.10 Document object model (DOM)
6.11DOM objects
6.12Window object
6.13Navigator object
6.14 History object
6.15Location object
6.16Core language objects
6.17 Event handling in JavaScript
6.18Form objects and validation on forms
7. VB Script
7.1 Introduction
7.2Data types and variables
7.3 Control structures and looping
7.4Procedures in scripts
7.5Error handling and debugging
7.6 Client side web scripting
7.7Validating forms
7.8Document object model (DOM)