Granthali Prakashan

Granthali Prakashan was founded in 1974. Amongst its founders were Ashok Jain the then executive editor of Maharashtra Times and Dinkar Gangal. Its first publication was Doob, a collection of essays written by Durga Bhagwat. Books were sold at cost price and the organisation was run by volunteers. Granthali Prakashan published Baluta, an autobiographical work by Daya Pawar, in 1978, a book that caused a sensation in Marathi society. By 2001, it had published 250 titles in about 25 years; 130 of these titles received honors. Granthali publishes original Marathi books and translations from other languages. It finds the use of “exhibition-cum-sale-cum discussion” method involving “celebrity intellectuals” the most pleasing feature of this movement. It is headquartered in a former municipal school building in Grant Road locality of Mumbai, a city in the state of Maharashtra, India.

Lakhatali Ek

Rs. 150 Rs. 120

Lakhatil Ek

Rs. 150 Rs. 120

Hindata Firata

Rs. 300 Rs. 240

Patras karan Ki

Rs. 150 Rs. 135


Rs. 125 Rs. 113

Culturally Correct

Rs. 350 Rs. 315